terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

A Shocking Delight

November, 22, 2009.
To the natural eye of the short film buff community, the premier of Joana Limongi’s first short film, “the DISCOVERY of HONEY”, “a DESCOBERTA do MEL” (original title) was a shocking delight, definitely the one you could not only hear the crowd’s usual credit whispering, but also feel it. This incredible shot film was born from a painting by Piero di Cosimo, who with grace and beauty was able to depict the livelihood of Dionysus and his mythological entourage on a 1505-1510 panel.
Everything from the photography (Jura Capela) to the sound-track ( Naná Vasconcelos) was innovative. The temperature on the big screen lit by the fiery tones of honey under the sun soared through the unprepared crowd, a magical rhythm thundering from the Cadomblé drums reeled us into the big screen in a trance like state. With superb direction and God given talent , Joana was able to bring this exceptional panel into the seventh art.

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  1. Olá! Como eu poderia assistir este filme? Foi liberado na internet ou tem em alguma locadora?
    Estou muito curioso...